Cadillac Soccer Association Birth Year FAQ:

How do I know what age group my child will participate in?

Birth year registration is based on the year your player is born subtracted by the year the season ends.  For example, for the 2016-17 seasonal year, players would register based on their age in the year 2017.  To determine the age group, subtract the birth year from the year the season ends.  A player born in 2003 will be a U14 player for the 2016-17 soccer year (2017-2003=14).

How will my child’s team be affected?

Based on birth year, some players will now need to play “up” on an older team.  Others may have new teammates as we align our program with the birth year mandate and the needs of our organization.  The CSA has communicated with coaches on how these changes could affect the teams, but it will be only after the registration process is complete that the CSA will have a full understanding of what teams will be formed.

When should I sign up to tryout for a CSA team?

As soon as possible.  With the Birth Year Mandate, the CSA must know the needs of our community and numbers for teams as early as possible.  This will help with the tryout process, and will also aid in our communication with team formation.

Why did US Soccer decide to switch to Birth Year teams?

Besides being in line with the other 208 countries around the world, the change will also provide more consistency across the country among all the member youth soccer organizations.  It also allows parents to have a better understanding of exactly what they should expect from a soccer program for their children.

How do I know which team my child will participate on?

Players born between January 1 and December 31 of any given year will all play on the same team, unless a player is “playing up” in an older age group.

Can my player “play up”?

Some circumstances, such as team and roster limits, will require players to play up for their age.  Other players, in line with CSA’s policy and procedure, may try out for an older team, but will be placed based on recommendation from CSA’s technical trainers, President/Vice President, and Board.

What will tryouts look like this year?

If a roster limit is exceeded, a tryout will be held for the team.  This will require the player to attend a session run by a CSA trainer the week of June 19th, 2016.  Players will be evaluated on components outlined in CSA’s Policy and Procedure.  Coaches, CSA training staff, and the President/Vice President will all provide input in this tryout process, including player placement.